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Education is the panacea having the efficacy to cure all ailments afflicting an individual, a nation or for that matter the whole globe.

An educated person is an asset not only to his or her own country of birth but also to the whole humanity. Education being synonymous with enlightenment leads us from darkness to light dispelling our deep-rooted ignorance.

I believe that - '' Good education makes a man self-reliant and altruistic”. However, in spite of the efficacies of modern system of education, there is a serious lack of competency skills and ethics in the present generation. Present day system of education has not been able to overcome the disharmony between man and man, and between man and nature. Our lives are at stake due to erosion of moral values.

On the other hand, our Vedic System of Education lays a strong foundation of morality during a student's formative years. In addition to imparting education for earning livelihood, this system teaches us what is truth and what is untruth. It equips us with skills to live our life in harmony with nature and humanity at large.

As a first step towards inculcating these skills and values, the education system needs to be restructured and introduction of Competency Based Education and Sustainable Development Goals are the first few steps in this direction. This concept of 'Learning by Doing' has been borrowed from the Vedic Education. In the Vedic period, teachers were always accessible, approachable and there existed a close bond between pupils and their gurus. In addition to normal teaching, teachers inculcated in the students the spirit of piety, righteousness, civic and social duties and sensitivity towards environment as part of the holistic education thus transforming them into citizens of high moral integrity.

In sync with this objective, we at Police DAV, provide the pupils with ample opportunity to rediscover and reinvent themselves. We endeavour to ignite their tender minds so that they become future ready, gentle human beings who are willing to learn. After all, the motive of education, as summed up in the words by Bruner, is:

“The student sees a purpose for learning
Accepts the purpose as worthwhile
Believes that he can succeed


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